Dr. Karen Morgan Ivy

Monica Almonor-Solomon
Vice President

Deatra Ashley

Alison Thornton
Corresponding Secretary

Leah Jackson
Recording Secretary

Mayya Bryant
Student Representative

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Mr. Jose Balda, Admissions, (201) 200-3381
Mr. Demond T. Hargrove, Student Affairs, (201) 200-3507
Mr. John Smith, OSP, (201) 200-3357
Mr. Navin Saiboo, Registrars Office, (201) 200-3048
Mr. Woodrow Lewis, Jr.,

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SHANGO is a New Jersey City University (BAAFSSO) non-profit, non-religious support group for men designed to promote the healthy development and success of men representing the breadth of the African Diaspora, Latin and South America to the Caribbean. The primary focus of the program is the retention, graduation and overall success of the above population at New Jersey City University. Moreover, anchored in the awareness that popular culture misconstrues conceptions of manhood and masculinity, SHANGO seeks to establish new realities for the gender from a positive uplifting perspective. In doing so, we provide our members with the tools to define themselves without the vices of self-hate, self-defeatism and negative social expectations.

Goals :

Objectives :
Through monthly discussion series, academic/financial workshops, networking opportunities, community service, and mentoring efforts, SHANGO seeks to facilitate the retention, graduation and overall positive growth of our members. Realizing that development and positive transformation of the individual naturally leads to the same for their environment; it is intended that the evolution of our members overflow into their communities. With that in mind, a great deal of our programming is individual focused and community minded.

Monthly Discussion Series:
Shango will have scheduled monthly discussions in which the collective will come together to openly and informally discuss various topics of interest.   Discussions will be free and open to the (male) public.

Community Service:
Scheduled days where Shango travels to a selected community/organization and performs a community service.  

Men's night out:
This component of the program is designed for the members of SHANGO to meet socially at museums, libraries, cultural organizations and/or restaurants to discuss various ideas within the confines of different venues.

Leo Tolstoy wrote, "Everyone tries to change the world, no one tries to change themselves."

SHANGO seeks to do both, change the world by changing the self.