NJCU Public Safety Department

Silent Witness

Silent Witness is a program that allows for the anonymous submission of suspected criminal activity occurring on or around the NJCU campus. Submitted information will be sent directly to the Director of Public Safety, where your information will be reviewed by our investigative staff and appropriate action will be taken as warranted.

If you see crime occurring on or around campus and you would like to report it, please fill out the form below.


Enter the type of crime occuring:
Where did the crime occur?
Enter the exact location or address where this crime occurred:
Enter the date(s) and time(s) when this crime occurred:
Enter why you suspect a crime is being committed at this location:
Suspect's Description:
Name and address (if known), sex, race, approximate age, physical description, clothing, what direction the suspect was heading, any distinguishing features such as visible marks, scars, tattoos, piercings, facial hair, hair style, glasses, etc.
If you encounter any difficulties or require assistance with this form, please contact the IT Help Desk.  Thank you.