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Faculty Evaluation for Library Instruction
Participant Consent Form

I agree to participate in the “Faculty Evaluation for Library Instruction” survey, which is being conducted by the Congressman Frank J. Guarini Library, New Jersey City University.  The purpose of this survey is for faculty to assess bibliographic instruction content and relevance to course assignment or research. 

The data collected from the survey will be analyzed to improve library services, specifically bibliographic instruction sessions.  The data will be recorded, and stored on the NJCU server.

I understand that I am voluntarily providing feedback on the scheduled bibliographic instruction session for my class by answering the five questions on the survey and offering additional information in the comment section. 

I understand that my responses will be anonymous and that all the data gathered will be confidential.  I agree that any information obtained from this survey may be used in any way thought best for publication or education provided that I am in no way identified and my name is not used. 

I understand that there are no physical or psychological risks involved in this survey and that I am free to choose not to take the survey without penalty. 

If I have any questions or problems concerning my participation in this survey I may contact Toby Heyman, Principal Investigator, at (201) 200-3472, or Jocelyn Castillo, Co-Investigator, at (201) 200-2372.

*Please select I AGREE with the above statements (in order to proceed) or I DECLINE to exit this evaluation.

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact the ITS Web Developer at .  Thank you.