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Student-to-Graduation Survey

We need your help in trying to reduce YOUR time-to-graduation!

Background: The major goal of our NSF LSAMP grant is to increase the number of STEM graduates from NJCU. To achieve this goal, we need to address what is "slowing you down".

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*For each of the following questions, select the response that best describes you or your opinion:
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Too many General Studies courses are required before I can take key STEM courses:
I need to get to a STEM advisor sooner in order to enroll in STEM courses sooner:
I tend to put off “hard” STEM courses that run infrequently in my Department:
I find it difficult to take courses in sequence if/when “sequencing” is required:
I am afraid of overloading myself with too many “hard” courses in a semester:
I lost time due to inappropriate placement based upon an NJCU placement exam:
I had to repeat one or more science classes.
I had conflicting work or personal obligations.
I had financial problems.
Provide any additional insight that will help us shorten your time to graduation:
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