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Please provide a synopsis (overview) of the book.  As you write your synopsis, you may want to consider the following questions:

  • What are the events of the story?
  • Who are the characters?  What are they like?
  • What is the setting of the story?
  • What is the problem or conflict of the story?
  • Does the book primarily tell a story or covey a theme, moral, or message?
  • Are the illustrations appealing, realistic, and/or authentic?
  • What medium is used to create the illustrations?
  • What is the purpose of the book?
  • What is the topic of the book?
  • Is the topic supported with clear details?
  • How is the text organized?
  • What graphics (i.e. illustrations, diagrams, photos, etc.) are used?

Please describe your reaction to the book.  You may want to consider the following questions as you develop your reaction:


  • Is the plot complex yet simple enough for young readers?
  • Are the characters age-appropriate?
  • Are the characters likable?
  • Can young readers connect with the characters?
  • Is pertinent information included to create a clear sense of the setting (time and place)?
  • Is the problem or conflict one that young readers can explore?
  • Do the theme, moral, or message offer young readers something to think about, question, or consider?
  • Are the illustrations age-appropriate?
  • Do the illustrations compliment the story?
  • If it is a wordless picture book, are the illustrations powerful enough to tell the story without words?
  • If it is an alphabet, concept, or counting book, should it be included in a collection?
  • Do you like the book?  Would you give it to a child you know?
  • Is the title accurate?
  • Do the topic and details encourage further exploration?
  • Are the structural aids (i.e. bold type, capital, italicized words, etc.) age-appropriate?  
  • Do the structural aids promote understanding?
  • Are the graphics (i.e. illustrations, diagrams, photos, etc.) well executed?
  • Do the graphics, (i.e. illustrations, diagrams, photos, etc.) support the text?
  • Do you like the book?  Would you give it to a child you know?
*Teaching Applications:
  • How can you use this book in the classroom?
  • How will your students benefit from using this book in the classroom?
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