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BS in Biology with JSMC, Medical Laboratory Science Specialization
Medical Laboratory Science Specialization
BS in Biology Undergraduate Affiliation with Jersey Shore Medical Center (JSMC)

An alternate option for students interested in a career in Medical Laboratory Science is a 12-month clinical rotation at JSMC in Neptune, New Jersey. After successful completion of the recommended courses and clinical training, a BS degree is awarded by New Jersey City University.

Course requirements for completion of the major are listed below. Course Codes with an asterisk (*) have prerequisite and corequisite courses.

  Course Code
  Course Title
 ENGL 101
 English Composition I
 ENGL 102*
 English Composition II
 FYE 1xx
 First Year Experience
 GSC 101*
 Civilizations I
 GSC 102*
 Civilizations II

 Area B1

 Area B2

 Area C

 Area E
 MATH 140*
 Statistics  3
 MATH 165*
 Precalculus  3
 INTD 180*
 Computer Tools for Science & Math
 BIOL 130
 Principles of Biology I
 BIOL 131*
 Principles of Biology II
 BIOL 230*
 Cell Biology
 BIOL 236*
 Principles of Anatomy & Physiology I
 BIOL 237*
 Principles of Anatomy & Physiology II
 BIOL 303*
 Microbiology  4
 BIOL 404*
 Immunology  3
 BIOL xxx*
 Biology Elective
 CHEM 105*
 General Chemistry I
 CHEM 1105*
 General Chemistry I Lab
 CHEM 106*
 General Chemistry II
 CHEM 1106*
 General Chemistry II Lab
 CHEM 207*
 Organic Chemistry I
 CHEM 307*
 Biochemistry I

These course requirements meet general studies requirements that are specific to this program and facilitate the timely completion of required courses at New Jersey City University prior to beginning the Medical Laboratory Science program at JSMC. Students must apply for acceptance to JSMC by October 15 of the year prior to their beginning a clinical program in the following summer. Acceptance to the JSMC programs requires a minimum CGPA of 2.75. Each student applying for transfer into the BS in Medical Laboratory Science program will be individually evaluated according to established guidelines.

Faculty advisor:
Prof. Egli
S 328
tel. 201-200- 3314
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