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Math & Stat Help
Mathematics & Statistics Help

The Department of Mathematics Tutoring Lab

Mathematics tutoring is available in Karnoutsos Hall Room 552. Overflow tutoring is in the Math Dept. (Karnoutsos Hall Room 506).

Two types of tutoring are offered: walk-in and by appointment.

No appointment is necessary for walk-in tutoring. Walk-in hours are posted weekly outside room K-552 and vary from week to week. During some weeks there may be little or no walk-in tutoring available.

Tutoring appointments, once made, continue every week for the remainder of the semester, usually at the same time and with the same tutor.

To schedule a tutoring appointment you must fill in an Application for Tutoring form. These are available at the Mathematics Department office (K-506).

You are not guaranteed a tutoring appointment; receiving one depends on the availability of an appropriate tutor. Appointments are made on a first come-first served basis.

Tutoring appointments are posted on the bulletin board outside the Math Dept. (K-506); you must check the bulletin board to find out when your appointment is.
Summer Tutoring: There is no by-appointment tutoring during the summer. Some walk-in hours may be available during Summer I. There is no tutoring during Summer II.


You must bring your textbook and class notes to all tutoring sessions, both walk-in and by appointment.

Academic Resources Core-content Link (ARC)
Created by

Background Information

This webpage was originally designed in late 1997 as a student reference source of links to tutorials and other resources on the Internet in subjects taught at a two year technical college in Tennessee which has since merged with another two year college. The scope has expanded beyond this original objective.


ARC refers to Academic content of Internet Resources for the Core subject areas in Mathematics, the Sciences, Writing, Computer Science, Engineering, and Technology at the college level. There is some slant toward areas that involve computers and my own background in electrical engineering.

Using the LINKS

Major subject areas are listed in the table of contents. Links that appear under each subject area are numbered and include a very brief description of its content. The numbering system is purely for identification purposes. The numbers do not represent any kind of ranking system of the individual websites.
When using the LINKS I would recommend first left-clicking on a category in the Table of Contents. This will transfer you to a list of links under the category that you selected. Scroll down the list and left-click on your selection. The number of a website under a category may help you remember sites that you find most useful in your search. If you do not find what you are looking for, try selecting related categories from the Table of Contents. For example, if you need help writing batch files you might click under any of the following categories: Computer Science, Operating Systems, Computer Software, or PC.


I hope students, non-students, and working professionals will find these links useful in their continuing studies wherever they may reside on this planet.

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