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Mission & Vision Statements
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Vision Statement
The Geoscience / Geography Department will provide comprehensive, interdisciplinary Earth and Environmental Science education with an emphasis upon urban issues by utilizing our urban setting for teaching, service, and community-based research. We will foster disciplinary excellence in science educators and environmental geoscientists and will emphasize proficiency in critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, technology, and professional communication in all NJCU students.
Mission Statement
The core mission of the Geoscience/Geography Program is to foster individual growth in all of our students by providing a high-quality learning environment in the Earth, Geographic and Environmental Sciences that is rigorous, challenging and professional while being engaging, supportive and nurturing. We believe such growth will help our general studies students to become scientifically responsible citizens and will prepare our major students for graduate school and/or for careers in the earth sciences, environmental sciences and science education.
Our educational efforts are focused on personal growth in the areas of
(1) broad and deep scientific knowledge,
(2) personal aptitudes and perspectives
(3) critical thinking and decision-making,
(4) quantitative reasoning and problem-solving,
(5) modern technology and instrumental analysis,
(6) independent initiative in laboratory and field-based research and
(7) oral, written and professional communication. In our urban setting, our mission also involves
(8) the promotion of community-based research and initiatives to recruit students representative of the local community.
We seek to encourage
(9) interdisciplinary initiatives with programs in all colleges at the University in support of our mutual missions and that of the University and to foster articulation agreements with other area schools. Essential to the department’s mission of nurturing vital citizens for the twenty-first century is
(10) the ongoing engagement of faculty in meaningful curriculum assessment and improvement, grant-writing, research and professional activity.
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