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Make It Like Poetry
make it like poetry
words by afrikanbeat

last night i dreamt of poetry
and those dreams were good
those words were good
but they weren’t meant to be spoken
uttered to cater to dissections of
who's and what's and when's and where's and why's
uttered to drown in crimson rhapsodies
of jazzy soliloquies
i fought valiantly
lost the battle with my subconscious
so i let it be
‘cause those words are frozen
in my psyche
but giving birth to a newborn
sense of liberation
resurrecting that which flows
from within the confines
of ebony waters
than run deep
into the nile
come journey with me
bask in the glow of the African sun
dance until you move the sky
connect the stars to awaken your inner warrior
make life’s patched quilt familiar
hear the whispered heartbeats of native blood
singing songs of joy
and sorrow
and laughter
and tears
singing songs from the iron bellies of
mighty storytellers
pleasing my palate
with delicacies
carved from the minds of nubian queens and african kings

my spirit speaks to you in that space and time
where our ancestors dine.

last night i dreamt of poetry
and those dreams were good
those words were good
you see
those words are transfixed
a testament etched across the travel lines
of my wearied forehead
so i sit and write those words on black sands
that stretch from then to now
from now to infinity
can you read those words?
can you feel those words?
can you hear those words?
those words rise high
those words breathe life
those words are mine
those words are yours
they say what’s mine is yours
and what’s yours is mine
then what do we have?
what we have is poetry
what we have is dreams
and those dreams are good
‘cause last night i dreamt of poetry


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