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Transfer Students


  • Can I receive blanket credit for an A.A.S. degree?
    No. This type of degree is not considered a transfer degree because A.A.S. degrees do not have a liberal arts general education component. A course-by-course evaluation is done with a maximum of 60 credits accepted in transfer towards the NJCU degree
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  • Does NJCU accept credits earned at colleges and universities outside the U.S.?
    Yes. NJCU will accept credits for courses taken at colleges and universities outside the United States provided they have been evaluated by a credential evaluation service from a NACES member, http://naces.org/members.html, before being submitted to NJCU.
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  • How many credits can I transfer to NJCU?
    The maximum number of transfer credits accepted into NJCU is 90, of which 60 can be from community colleges and other 2-year schools.
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  • What is blanket credit and who is eligible to receive it?
    Blanket credit is awarded to those who have earned either an A.A. A.S. and A.F.A. degree from a New Jersey college or university.  Effective Fall 2019: AA, AS, and AFA degrees from out-of-state regionally accredited institutions will also be granted blanket credit. Blanket credit does not fulfill...
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  • What is CLEP?
    The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a test that allows students to demonstrate knowledge of college-level material acquired through independent work and/or experience. A minimum score of 50 is required to transfer credits from a CLEP test to NJCU. The CLEP Program offers 35 exams based...
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  • Which credits can be transferred to NJCU?
    Credits for college-level courses completed at any accredited institution or program in the United States with a grade of C or higher can be transferred to NJCU. College-level courses have a course number of 100 or higher.     For international students: All foreign transcripts must be...
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