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Undergraduate Student Registration


  • Can I take summer courses?
    NJCU offers two summer sessions that can be previewed in the course list which is available online. Course listing can be obtained at http://GothicNet.njcu.edu, www.njcu.edu, www.njcu.edu/registrar Summer and Fall course listings are available in mid-March.  Winter and Spring course listings...
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  • How do I ADD/DROP classes?
    Students can ADD/DROP classes online on GothicNet, with their advisor, or by submitting an ADD/DROP form to the Registrar's Office, Hepburn 214. The deadline to ADD/DROP for the regular semesters (Fall/Spring) is the first week of classes. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for dates.
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  • How do I register as a Visiting Student?
    During the FALL and SPRING Semesters, a formal application to NJCU is not required. The visiting student presents to the Registrar's Office, H-214 a permission letter from the university the student is attending. The permission letter should list course titles and be authorized by a...
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  • How do I register for classes?
    New Students will be notified to make an appointment with an advisor. Continuing students must meet with their advisor to have the advisement block removed. Once block is removed, student is eligible to self enroll. The list of offered courses is available online...
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  • How do I withdraw from a course?
    Student must submit a withdrawal request form to the Registrar's Office, H-214. The course will receive a "W" grade. After Add/Drop and the first third of the Fall and Spring semesters, students are eligible to receive a 50% refund for each credit. Refer to the Academic Calendar for Winter and...
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  • How do I withdraw from all my courses?
    Students who are considering a complete withdrawal from the university should make an appointment with their advisor to discuss future advisement concerns. Each student who withdraws from the University must also officially withdraw from his/her courses at the Registrar’s Office, H-214.
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  • How many credits can I take?
    If you were accepted as a full time student, you may enroll for 12 - 18 credits per semester. If you were accepted as part time student, you may take a maximum of 11.5 credits per semester. NOTE: Students requesting to take more than 18 credits must have the approval of the Office of the Academic...
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  • If I leave NJCU, can I return?
    Yes. Students who do not enroll in classes for more than 3 consecutive semesters need to reapply to the university and submit an official transcript, upon application, if courses were taken at another institution. Students who were academically dismissed may be considered for readmission only after...
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  • What happens if I drop below 12 credits?
    Students who register for or drop to fewer than 12 credits are reduced to part time status and run the risk of losing financial aid if they have been awarded a financial aid package. Students considering this are advised to meet with their advisor to discuss the consequences.
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  • What should I do if my registration is blocked?
    You should find out what office has applied the block (i.e. Medical Services, Bursar) and go to that office.
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