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  • How can I brush up on my technical skills before beginning my online course?
    NJCU provides every registered NJCU online learner with access to the CyberPrimer a self-paced, online tutorial designed to prepare you for your first online course experience. Here, you will learn basic information about e-mail and netiquette, how to use Web browsers,how to perform more effective...
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  • How can I obtain assistance when I am having a problem accessing or using Blackboard?
        During NJCU hours of operation, you may call the NJCU IT Help Desk for support:   Call HELP (x4357) (from any NJCU office extension phone)   Call 201-253-4357 (from any non-NJCU office extension phone, such as your mobile phone, home phone, etc.)      You may also seek assistance at...
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  • How do I log into Blackboard?
    Follow the steps below to log into Blackboard:          1. Use your Web browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari) to locate the following URL: http://blackboard.njcu.edu          2. Enter your GothicNet ID in the USERNAME field and your GothicNet password in the...
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  • What equipment and/or software do I need to have to participate in an online course?
    All online courses at NJCU use the Blackboard learning management system. A list of the minimum hardware and software requirements for Blackboard  may be found at the following location: http://newlearning.njcu.edu/dl/requirements/ Please note: Some courses may have additional hardware and/or...
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  • What is Blackboard?
    Blackboard is the learning management system utilized by NJCU to deliver web-based instruction. Since the system is totally web-based, you do not need to have any special software installed on your computer to use it.  All communication with your professor and classmates occurs within your...
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